Eagle Nest Lake Ice Fishing

Eagle Nest Lake temporarily closed to ice fishing


EAGLE NEST – Eagle Nest Lake is temporarily closed to ice-fishing due to recent warm weather and winds that have produced unsafe conditions, the Department of Game and Fish and New Mexico State Parks announced.

There had been a good layer of ice on the lake, but recent warm weather caused some areas to melt resulting in open water. Ice conditions should improve soon, allowing for ice-fishing to resume. A minimum of 9 inches of solid ice is required for the lake to be considered safe for activities.

Fishing is still allowed from the bank and camping is available at Eagle Nest Lake State Park, but the boat ramps remain closed.

Please call the park at (575) 377-1594 for current fishing and ice conditions or visit the park’s web page, http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/SPD/eaglenestlakestatepark.html.

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