Professionally Whitewater Rafting Outfitted Trips

New Mexico Whitewater RaftingMost companies offer a choice between an oar-powered trip, where passengers simply ride along, or a more active trip where passengers help paddle the whitewater raft under the direction of a guide.

Children are welcome on trips – the minimum age ranges from 4 years, for trips on quiet sections of river, up to 14 years for the Taos Box at high water. Please ask your outfitter about their age requirements at the current water flows.

All whitewater rafting outfitters provide transportation to and from established locations in the Taos and Santa Fe areas. They will often be able to meet special requirements and can arrange for large groups with advance notice.

Each whitewater rafting company offers a variety of trips lasting a few hours to two or more days. Half-day trip prices range between $30 and $45; full day trip prices range from $65 to $90 per person, while overnight trips average $90 to $125 per day. Some companies provide food and transportation for their rafting clients.