Red Cliffs Dinosaur Track Site Located in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area, within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, this dinosaur track site features 17 well-preserved tracks. Although it is impossible to know exactly which dinosaurs made these footprints, tracks are tied to a general group of dinosaurs based on shape, size, and arrangement of toe pads. These tracks have been identified as Grallator, Kayentapus, and Eubrontes tracks, which paleontologists suggest were made by bipedal meat-eating theropods during the Jurassic Period. If you want to check out these tracks, and learn more at the interpreted site, follow the directions for the Silver Reef Trail.

The approximately 45,000 acres of public land in the Red Cliffs NCA are located in south-central Washington County. The towering Pine Valley Mountains and Dixie National Forest lie to the north, while the communities of Ivins, Santa Clara, St. George, Washington, and Leeds ring the National Conservation Area (NCA).

Red Cliffs Dinoasaur Tracks Sign St George UT

St. George is a city in southwestern Utah. Nearby Snow Canyon State Park offers trails, dunes and red sandstone cliffs. Sand Hollow State Park features a large reservoir. Stately 19th-century buildings such as the Pioneer Courthouse and Brigham Young Winter Home dot downtown. The St. George Art Museum houses historical photos and work by regional artists. Zion National Park, with canyons and streams, lies northeast.