Lake Mohave Telephone Cove South Picnic Area and Shoreline Fishing Access

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The Lake Mead National Recreation Area at the Katherine Landing entrance station in Arizona. Passing by the Telephone Cove sign, we started our explore at Princess Cove, the farthest mapped point of interest from the park entrance. Doubling back to Cabinsite Point and then on to North Arizona Telephone Cove we certainly found the many boat launches and plenty of scenic, shaded picnic areas set aside for park visitors. There was something that caught our eye, though. In the distance, the vague outline of a white, sandy-looking crescent was visible from our North Telephone Cove vantage point.

The sand along South Telephone Cove‘s shoreline ranges from sugar white (closer to the dunes) to pebbly areas perfect for beach rockhounding. You will want to wear your beach trekkers to protect your feet from the sharper pieces of rock. It will be hard to decide whether to look down for the beautifully colored stones, look up at the gorgeous scenery, or just look across the serene water for boats crossing beyond the cove.

Lake Mohave is a 67 mile long reservoir covers approximately 30,000 surface acres to a maximum depth of 120 feet. There are three marinas with launch ramps, two in Arizona (Willow Beach and Katherine’s Landing) and one in Nevada (Cottonwood Cove). There is also a launch ramp at Princess Cove on the Arizona side near Katharine’s landing. Camping is available at Cottonwood Cove and Katherine’s Landing. Shoreline camping is permitted. Campers should carry out their trash and provide for adequate sanitation.Both narrow and shallow compared to Lake Mead, Lake Mohave lies between the Black Mountains to the east in northwestern Arizona, and the Eldorado and Newberry Mountains to the west in southern Nevada. Most of the lake’s length lies within the steep, narrow walls of Black, Eldorado, Painted, and Pyramid canyons.


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