Colorado River Davis Dam Overlook Trail

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The River Walk Exploration Trail parallels the western shore of the Colorado River along the Nevada/Arizona border. It travels through a desert habitat and connects a busy resort area at its southern end with the Pyramid Canyon Day Use Area at its northern end. The recreational area offers fishing platforms, a playground and spray pad, shaded picnic shelters and restrooms.

The Davis Dam Overlook Trail is not long, but it does require a bit of uphill travel. It climbs a long, slow grade to the crest of a hill, then there is a short downhill section before it climbs one more time. At the end is a short loop which provides views in various directions. The actual overlook is located a bit downhill from the high point. This trail is heavily used by horses, so watch your step and be sure to give horses the right of way, which is standard trail procedure.

The views are great all along the trail in all directions.

The Colorado River, major river of Southwest US, begins in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and flows southwest for 1,450 miles into the Sea of Cortez in northwestern Mexico.


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