GoPro Hero 6 Black Product Review

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First I’d like to share that I’m a full time professional photographer and until the Hero6 Black came out, I wouldn’t have even considered including a GoPro in my kit as the quality just wasn’t there.

Now, with low light improvements and the fact that it shoots “flat” it’s honestly a huge benefit to my work! What I mean by shooting flat, is that the video sequences lack the high contrast I’ve gotten with the GoPro Hero 5 Black edition and that’s a GOOD THING! They dynamic range is inproved, less clipping in highlights and more information in the shadows, you can up the contrast in post production and get the look you want. But that’s not what I needed this for.

I’m a single shooter, meaning that I work alone, even when covering weddings. I have always done mixed media with my Nikon DSLR bodies which meant that I would shift back and forth from stills to video sequences. Now I’m not even going to pretend that the GPH6B is competing with the capabilities of pro-body DSLR cameras, BUT, I can use both at the same time. A recent client asked if I could take stills of things like ring exchanges, the first kiss, bouquet toss etc… AND, include short video grabs of those critical moments? Well, actually, yes, now I can do just that.

During wedding ceremonies, I don’t use a strobe on top of my camera, I don’t want to disturb the sacred moments, nor make myself part of the “action” up at the altar. The solution is that I can put the GoPro Hero6 ON my Nikon hot-shoe, I set the field of view etc to 1080p Narrow 30 fps.
Wherever my camera is pointing to take those special photos, the GoPro is videoing and with the field of view set to narrow, you don’t see your 70-200 zoom lens, even with the shade/hood in place.

I remain a one-person-show and don’t make myself into a spectacle at weddings or performances, AND get both video and stills without switching back and forth from one camera to another. GoPro HERO6 Black is finally for truly Professional workflows. I’m so glad to have it!

I did read several reviews before purchasing the Hero6 and noticed many complaints regarding the camera stalling, shutting down, not recording, re-starting etc… Those issues are almost always due to the wrong capacity Micro SD Card. The problem is that they often sell this camera in a bundle that includes a Micro SD Card that does NOT meet the minimum performance requirements of the Hero6

When you go to the GoPro site, there is only ONE RECOMMENDED CARD LINE and here it is: SanDisk Extreme/Extreme Plus/Extreme Pro UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30) – ≥32GB

I personally wouldn’t use any card that is not marked “Extreme Pro” by SanDisk. and I recommend that you don’t get a card smaller than 64gb. In 4k, a 32 gig card will get used up in a blink depending on your selected frame rate.

Your read/write speeds will save data recording problems from happening. AND, in post-production, you will offload your video data much quicker and time = money. If you don’t use the endorsed cards, don’t complain, it’s the operator, not the gear.

I would definitely recommend this camera to enthusiasts and pros that need to add to their image making arsenal.

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